Admissions Policy 

Student acceptance is based on a decision by an Admissions Committee after thorough review of a complete application packet with all documentation provided by a family and previous school(s).  Final grade placement is at the discretion of the Admissions Committee with the goal of setting each child up for success.  Abbey Preparatory Academy reserves the right to adjust and/or modify course offerings, selections and/or combination of classes at each grade level based on final enrollment. Only those students with an up-to-date immunization record, a copy of a birth certificate (for Kindergarten and younger), pastoral form and social security number will be accepted for final enrollment and permitted to attend class.


Residence All Abbey Preparatory Academy students must live with a parent, legal guardian, or parent designee throughout their enrollment at Abbey Preparatory Academy.


Transfers Students who transfer from other Christian schools must have all previous accounts paid. Only those high school students with a valid transcript will be given credit for courses completed. Students will not be permitted to attend class unless the school receives an official transcript.  Courses completed at Abbey Preparatory Academy will be included on our transcript.


Abbey Prep Parents FAQFinancial

The mission of Abbey Preparatory Academy(APA) is to help each student become as much like Jesus Christ as possible as well as create Christian leaders who will be able to be either a part of the five-fold ministry or able to function as professionals in various other fields to help carry out the “Great Commission.”  

Our goal is to partner with your family in providing a quality Christian education for your student(s).  The monies needed to provide a quality education are available through tuition, fees and fundraisers.  Therefore, all monies agreed upon by both parties are required to fulfill the school’s mission and goals.

APA families understand the following:

  1. Registration and Student Usage Fees are non-refundable.  
  2. Tuition is an annual fee.  When a family registers at APA, you are making a commitment to attend and financially support the school for one academic year.    
  3. Payments are expected by the 1st of the month unless other arrangements have been agreed upon by both parties.  A late payment of $20 may be charged for any payment received after its due date.
  4. My family’s account must be current for report cards to be released, transcripts to be issued, or for seniors to participate in graduation ceremonies.  School records will be forwarded to another school when a family’s account is current.  Graduation diplomas will be issued to all students whose accounts are current.
  5. Students whose accounts are current will be permitted to participate in special activities requiring additional expense.
  6. I am required to pay APA a $20 fee anytime an insufficient funds check is received in addition to any fees my bank may charge.
  7. Once my child is registered at APA, the school begins making budget decisions and purchases based upon a full school year’s attendance. Therefore, there is no refund for the first semester after the first four weeks as well as no refund for the second semester after my child has attended for three weeks.  The school has the right to assess my family a fee in the amount of $500 if we decide to withdrawal my child prior to the end of the academic year.  
  8. All textbooks must be returned in good condition at the end of the school year or upon withdrawal.  I will pay the replacement cost of any books not returned or returned in non-usable condition.
  9. Fundraising may be essential to keep tuition as low as possible.  I agree to wholeheartedly support APA’s fundraising projects by being actively involved.
  10. I need to communicate with the school if my financial status changes and my commitment will no longer be able to be fulfilled.

Other Fees A non-refundable registration fee is payable when students are enrolled for classes. All other fees must be paid on or before the first day of school.


Fund Raising Tuition payments do not cover all the costs. Abbey Preparatory Academyis endeavoring to keep low tuition rates to make Christian education affordable to as many Christian families as possible. We, therefore, depend on your support and God’s blessing to keep our program operating. All families are expected to participate in Abbey Preparatory Academy’s fund-raising events. Students and staff are not permitted to fund raise on campus or before or after church services unless approved by the school administrator.


Student Withdrawal A student may be withdrawn from the school once a parent/guardian completes a Withdrawal Form.  All school books, material, equipment and other school-owned property must be turned in before withdrawal can be processed. If a student withdraws after the first of the month, the parent/guardian remains responsible for the payment of the month’s tuition. The school has the right to assess a family a fee in the amount of $500 if you choose to withdrawal your child prior to the end of the academic year.  All obligations, including financial, must be cleared with the office before final withdrawal. All records will be held until an official withdrawal takes place and all financial obligations are met.  



We are exploring our options for lunch since our new campus will not have a cafeteria available.  Students may need to be prepared to bring lunch from home for at least the first semester of school.  There may be a possibility that lunch can be ordered from our previous campus in the morning and delivered to students at lunch time since our Daycare is still in operation there with the cafeteria.  Students will be eating in their classrooms unless a designated area is assigned to them (i.e. outside picnic tables).